About Me

My name is Daren Nkomo and I am an aspiring photographer. I shoot because I love to shoot. I shoot for the art.

My goal as a photographer is to help show others the beauty and wonder that is constantly in and around them. You just have to look around through the right lens. The right perspective.

I primarily shoot candid and on-location portraiture, lifestyle, corporate events, weddings, live music, as well as landscape photography. Studio work is possible per request. I will shoot just about anything, contact me for more details!

I have been interested in photography and cinematography for many years and recently have decided to make the investment and pursue it as a professional career. Along with photography, I have walked the paths of a writer, an artist, and a teacher. All of which have contributed to an ever expanding collection of perspectives that I use every day. Through these different experiences I can draw a solid foundation that supplements my professionalism as a photographer for any age group! I am a very patient person, and am very easy to work with. When I shoot it’s all about an enjoyable¬†experience!

Thank you for your time, enjoy your stay and contact me if you have any questions/business inquires.


Enjoy the little things”

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